Nagpal Group

Reputation is built on a complex base of intangible attributes such as reliability, quality, honesty, trust, social and environmental responsibility and credibility…here is clear evidence that a good reputation gains a company more customers, better employees, more investors, improved access to credit, and greater credibility with government. With the legacy of 25 years, Nagpal Group introduce itself with all aspects of real estate work, ranging from high volume management work to the most complex of development, regeneration, funding and structuring deals. It continues to undertake an extremely high level of transactional work, to offer a full range of property services and to advice on sales and purchases, development and asset management work. It has many other future plans to create new success stories…


To build landmark real estate projects and provide construction solutions with the highest quality standards and performance in every aspect.



To achieve a high level of community confidence in the safety and quality of Construction. Develop research & services that will have laid a solid foundation for quality infrastructure. Providing innovative solutions for achieving enhanced aesthetic construction quality that meets community needs.

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